My New Charms!

  1. FedEx just came and delivered my new charms! I got the signature flower charm, the heart luggage tag charm and the star luggage tag charm! They are so big, I love them! Here are pics of front and backs:

  2. So beautiful especially the flower and the heart.. :tup:
  3. The heart is extremely cute!
  4. Awwww.....CUTE!!!!! Lucky you!!! I especially love the daisy!!!
  5. wow great purchases!! I love the heart - it's so cute!
  6. So cute! My favorites are the star and the heart! Thanks for posting pix, it gives me a better idea of how big they really are. :idea:
  7. Oh I love every one of them. I have been wanting the patchwork flower for a loooong time. Think I'll go for it now! Congrats on all of your new goodies, they look great!
  8. I really love all of your charms! Congrats on everything. I am going to order some charms today for my handbags.
  9. So cute. I love the star. I must have it.
  10. ok... The heart is going on my wishlist! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ooh! i haven't seen these yet! i love the flower and big heart charms! congrats!
  12. How big are they? Can you post a photo of them besides something else for size comparison? I love, love, love the star!!
  13. Love them! The heart is on its way to me now! I can hardly wait!
  14. Very cute!! :yes:
  15. Sorry I would post another pic for size but I just packed my camera for my trip! But you can kind of tell the size compared to the regular sized flower charm in the pics. Hopefully if someone else gets one, they can post a size comparison pic for you! I'm no help, I know! :tdown: