My new chanels ^^

  1. Hello ladies !!:heart:
    I want to share with all of you my lastest chanels purchase !!
    Love love them so much !!:love:
    Thanks alot all for letting me share !!:p
    My reissue 228 - metallic black and white jumbo !!
  2. White jumbo !!:heart:
  3. Beautiful purchases! Congrats! I'm considering the white Jumbo myself! You look GREAT!
  4. Wow, they look great on you!

    Congrats on your beautiful purchases and enjoy them!
  5. :love: Thanks alot for your comment ~~!!
    Yupyup, get the white jumbo, it really nice IRL, and with the PRICE INCREASE on NOV..:crybaby:, you should get one around this month!!:yes:
  6. i'm so in love with your two flap bags.....Gorgeous, congrats again!

    U look great on them esp the white jumbo bag and your whole attire looks fab as well.
  7. beautiful purses- congrats!
  8. Uhhh another white jumbo owner! I'm so jealous! You got such GREAT Chanel purchases!!! I love your J12 too!
  9. I just love the look of your flaps and you wear them both so well! Congratulations!!
  10. So pretty!!!!
  11. ooooh your white with the J12 looks incredible, and that reissue - WOWSER

    You made two brilliant purchases there, congratulations
  12. oooh they're sooo pretty! i love how u pair ur white jumbo with the hello kitty tee, it's sooo cute :yes:
  13. Both are gorgeous. I love that size on your reissue.

  14. gorgeous!! love BOTH ur chanels! and i love BOTH ur watches, having a huge dilemma choosing between the two ehehehehe
  15. love both! esp the MB228! congrats! mind if I ask how tall you are? I'm a little worried that the 228 might look too weird on me even though i love big bags in general... the 228 might look too east-west style...