My new Chanels and my SA left left me a special gift!

  1. So much for my ban! Oh well. I have been wanting a gold bag for a long time for the upcoming Holidays. I bought and returned the gold madison- did not like the gold patent. So after seeing this gold bag on a member here I ordered it from Saks. It's a very bright bronze/gold in a textured lambskin. I like it a lot more than the madison. What do you guys think of it? At first I wasn't sure, but its growing on me. Still not 1000% positive, but I do like it. Definitely a special occasion bag. Oh and as a special gift the SA left the sensor on it for me. :cursing:

    IMG_5745.JPG IMG_5733.JPG IMG_5734.JPG IMG_5737.JPG
  2. And my other new Chanel bag...

    IMG_5714.JPG IMG_5716.JPG
  3. GORGEOUS! She's a keeper!
  4. ooooh I love it, its sparkle-tastic.

    What is making you unsure, is it the metallic colour? I truly believe metallics do take longer to get used to, but as you said, you didnt fall for the Madison, so its your decision, but it looks really great on you :yes:
  5. oh honey,

    you are killing me with the second one!!!!

    Gosh its gorgeous, can I ask how much she cost, och im in love :biggrin:
  6. Here's a pic of the sensor! Can you believe that? The closest Saks is two hours away!!

  7. The second one I got on eBay for $1200.00. I think it was originally $1700.00. It's a few years old so the only way to get it now is on eBay.

    Thank you!!
  8. the gold is gorgeous! perfect for the holidays, good choice!
  9. I think it's the color. IRL it is very bright. I do like it though!
  10. ^^^^ hee hee, your chanel certainly is exclusive for sure with that on there!

    its terrible that they didnt check, gosh, im more worried tho, that when you take it back to take the sensor off, you wont be able to stop yourself getting something else ;)
  11. haha! sounds like you know my shopping habits too well!
  12. I've seen the grey one around not that long ago. If I see one again, I'll pm you. It's a fun bag!
  13. Oh I LOVE the gold one! You look great with it!

    and LOL @ the sensor!! :roflmfao: How did she not check it!??!!?
  14. They are gorgeous!
  15. Thanks honey :tup: