my new CHANEL!

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  1. i went to Neiman and picked up my new Chanel classic flap in black caviar last night. :love::love:

    i just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you, for your posts on Chanel. i learned SOOO MUCH through all of your suggestions and pics..i LOVE the Chanel Reference library! i know i posted some "dumb" questions on this forum before, regarding the bags, bc i really did not know much about the bags!, i think i know more about Chanel than some of the SAs at Neiman! and thats ALL THANKS TO YOU GALS!!!

    im wearing my new bag today....below are some pics!

    IMG_2502 (Medium).jpg IMG_2504 (Medium).jpg
  2. Wow! That looks amazing on you, and with your classy outfit!! The caviar flaps are so beautiful. I knew nothing about Chanel either until I started reading and posting here. The gals are so helpful and supportive!
  3. thank you roey! im just a Chanel novice compared to many of you gals, but i am defintely going to continue reading so i can learn more! hehe...

    thanks for ur sweet compliment!
  4. Wow, super classic. It looks stunning on you. Is it a medium 10X6?
  5. Congrats, the bag is beautiful and you look stunning in that chic dress.
  6. you look so great in that outfit and congrat on ur new purchase.
  7. looking good: you and you new Chanel:love:
  8. you look so classy! love it!
  9. Great choice. Congratulation. Luv your outfit.
  10. It's beautiful! I love it with your outfit. You 'rock' the bag (as they say!) .... Perfect!!! Congratulations!
  11. It looks gorgeous on you! Love the dress too and your house from what I can see!!!
  12. I love it! Congrats!:yahoo:
  13. ^^^
    thank you so much ladies for all of your kind compliments!

    and yes, the bag is MEDIUM size. i dont know the exact measurements....but i know its called medium...hehe.
  14. you really know how to rock this bag!you are gorgeous!!!!
    congrats for the bag, it's stunning:biggrin::heart:
  15. OMG, so totally hot~