My new Chanel !!

  1. :heart:Want to share with everyone, one of my current purchase, love this bag so much !!:love:
  2. Holy hot reissue!
  3. Thank you !! I am really love the size of this bag!!:heart::heart::heart:
  4. Is that a 228? Nice colour combo :smile:
  5. wow! it's huge and hot! i like the color alot (i actually was THIS close to buying it until my rationality knocked me to senses and made me realise that i am just not into metallics as much b/c i'm so clumsy and i might peel it LOL)

    i love how that color works on you! and nice j12 and tory burch shoes! :smile:)) xo
  6. Thanks alot for your comment !!;)
    I love big bags hihi !! Even i am.."small" :rolleyes:, but most of my bags are.."HUGE" hehee
  7. gorgeus.. it looks amazing on you (like the watch too :smile: )
  8. OMG nice bag! It looks great on you.....and I love your style :love::heart::love::heart:

    You look so cute... :yahoo:
  9. That is so pretty and looks great on you.
  10. Thanks alot everyone for all your nice comments !!:yahoo::heart::p
  11. Me tooo! I have the black reissue gold h/w in 227 tooo!! Yiiikkkees, it looks huge on my skinny frame but I . LOVE . IT . TO . DEATH ! lol :heart::love::heart::love::heart:
  12. oh! forgot to ask, is that a 228 btw?
  13. I think so..ihhi, i am not good about the size of reissue !!hhiih, But i remember that the SA said this is the biggest size of reiisue !!:tup:
  14. hhihhee, You and me = same boat hiihihih:heart::lol::graucho: