my new chanel!

  1. well i bought this pochette ( awhile ago, but i returned it because it was just TOO high maintenance and i couldnt fit anything inside it.

    So, with the chanel credit in my hand, i walked into the boutique intending to buy the cambon bowling bag. But, i saw the new luxury line and i fell in love- so i ended up buying this one! i love it so much, and i know i'll use it so much more then i'll use the pochette. sorry the pictures aren't great - it's dark in my room and i didnt use flash. (takes away its beauty, hehe)


    i'm going to have to work hard forever to pay this off - but i know i'll love it forever. :biggrin: thanks for letting me brag ladies!

    for the curious: it's made out of calfskin, and the SA told me that it's treated so that it's scratchproof! haha perfect for me, since i'm so clumsy!
  2. omg!! That is goregous!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
    I waaaaay jealous!!! :lol:
  3. :nuts: :nuts: it looks so beautiful!!!

    congrats on the new bag!!!!! :love:
  4. oh that's sooooo nice!! and i love how it's scratch proof! :P
  5. I looks great! Congrats:smile:
  6. i love the scratch proof too since i live in deathly fear of scratching my bags's absolutely gorgeous!! :love:
  7. oooooooooh! It feels like hot butter. Basically its HOT! Have u seen the denim version in the store? I saw it on the website but not in person. Have fun with that bag!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice! a bag that will last you a long time too! chanels are classics!
  9. it's absolutely gorgeous! congrat!! I'ts timeless and you'll spend many wonderful years with it
  10. Gorgeous !!!!!!
  11. oh man, that is absolutely gorgeous! congrats on the new Chanel and thanks for sharing
  12. Yawza! She's a beauty :love: My cousin bought one 2 weeks ago. The leather is just sooo soft :love: Congrats!
  13. that is beautiful! i love black leather and silver!
  14. I saw that bag tonight--it is beautiful. I REALLY LOVE the woven leather on the chain. Congrats!
  15. thanks! - i'm gonna happy about this one for a loooong time. =) still feeling guilty about how much money i (rather, my cc) spent, but hopefully i'll get over it soon and enjoy it !