My new Chanel!

  1. Hey everyone!

    Since my local NM doesnt carry Chanel purses (it only carries Chanel shoes....), my SA ordered it for me and I just got it today!! I love it!

    Its a medium caviar and I love its straps because it can used as a shoulder bag or across hehe!

    Click on the pics (sorry if some of them are kinda blurry):

    As a shoulder bag:

    Using it across:
  2. very beautiful bag. congrats!
  3. It's very nice! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  5. Congrats! Lovely bag--I like how you played with the straps!
  6. Thanks! :smile:
    My SA was showing me how to move them around this afternoon! hehe :lol:

    I still don't know if it looks better as a shoulder bag or not LOL

    Any comments on which one you would prefer would be awesome ;)
  7. your bag is stunning, enjoy using it.
  8. Congratulations! It's gorgeous! I have one too and I prefer to wear it as a shoulder bag, but it looks very cute wearing it across the body also!
  9. Your bag is beautiful. Congratulations. I know you are excited. It looks good on you.
  10. Beautiful bag, it looks great on you. That is what I have planned as my next purchase. Do you mind if I ask what size it is and the price?

  11. wow i love it, very pretty congrats~!
  12. So pretty!! Congrats!
  13. Beautiful! Congratulations on the new bag!!
  14. congratulations! i love caviar!
  15. Gorgeous bag! I know you're going to love using it!