My new Chanel wallets

  1. I'm waiting for the gold med bowler to arrive. Enjoy.
  2. Very cute! Congrats
  3. oooh i really like the jean one! congrats!
  4. Very pretty!
  5. Enjoy them. They are beautiful. What is the gold one called?
  6. I love them. I've yet to own a Chanel wallet. This is making me want one :biggrin:
  7. oh the white wallet is gorgeous!!!! congrats!
  8. :love: They are so cute!
  9. FABULOUS Tammy!:love:
  10. 0o00o not just one wallet BUT 2! you're very lucky! congrats!!!!
  11. So Absolutely Gorgeous
  12. so cute...
    i've been thinking about a wallet,not sure what to buy though.
    congrats..enjoy it :smile:
  13. Tammy, they are fabulous! Love them!
  14. I want to get a wallet also, I am also deciding which one to buy. Enjoy your wallets.
  15. Thanks ladies. The gold wallet is from the new symbols line. It also comes in silver.
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