My new chanel wallet!

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  1. I am jumping with joy right now and would like to share it with all my tpf fellowers. My brother and my sister in law bought me this chanel wallet when they went for thier honeymoon. I think its from the cambon line. I love them both. :heart::heart::heart: I am one lucky sister! :p


  2. Wow! That's extremely generous of them :smile: It's a very pretty wallet, you're lucky!
  3. Wow, you are one lucky girl!:smile:
  4. Can they adopt me? I'll be a good sister!!! hehehehhe ... lucky girl!
  5. congrats, great wallet.
  6. It's so pretty!!
  7. i love that wallet. I want the exact same one!
  8. How sweet of them, congrats. =)
  9. I :heart: cambon wallets!!! Congrats!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. :flowers: CONGRATS~ I love this colour combination... black patent CC on black leather :heart:
  11. i love this one!! esp the pink interior!~
  12. So cutee! I :heart: it!!!
  13. Very pretty, congrats!
  14. so pretty! you are one lucky sister all right!
  15. You're lucky !! This cambon black patent CC is absolutely GORGEEOOOUUUSSSS