My new Chanel wallet...

  1. I am so excited. Been trying to switch from my old LV Epi wallet and after considering highly the Guccisima white leather bifold, the Perle vernis bifold, and the mini lin bifold, I went to NM to find this Chanel porte bill in silverish, creamish color and fell in love.
    IMG_0012.JPG IMG_0013.JPG
  2. Enjoy it! I also want to get a new wallet soon...
  3. [​IMG]
    So pretty- love how clean lined it is!
  4. She's just gorg! What a great color too! If you don't mind me asking, what was the price??:drool:
  5. OMG!
    What a beautiful wallet!
  6. great wallet, clean and simple.
  7. Hi it is $495 before tax... Still within my budget since its cheaper than the perle vernis. The leather is amazingly super duper soft and smooth and I like the lining on the leather so it wont scratch easily. A bit concerned about color transfer but I hope that wont happen.
  8. Beautiful! CONGRATS!
  9. congrats, nice colour
  10. Love it!!! Do you have a shot of the inside?? I've been looking at the same wallets :yes: but they really didn't do it for me, this is truly beautiful. Congrats!!!
  11. beautiful!! congrats
  12. I dont have pictures unfortunately but basically the inside is money slot and 6 card slots like the epi bifold with 6 cc slots
    then the coin part of course.
  13. By the way, although I love my wallet very much I thought I had a slightly bad experience at the NM Chanel. They have 2 of this same wallet and I was looking at it carefully to see that nothing is wrong with the wallet. And one has a lil scrappy part and when I pointed that out she said that, thats just the leather. Then I looked at whats finally mine and saw very lil black dots and asked her if thats just dirt or she took the wallet back from me and tried to clean it with leather cleaner while saying " you know when you start looking at things too much like that, you will imagine things. its just the leather.."

    I think if I will spend 500 bucks on a wallet, there is nothing wrong if I want it to be perfect right?
  14. yes, should be perfect!

    I think that's the new Cotton Club wallet:yes: beautiful pearl silver color!
  15. That's really pretty. Congrats.