My New Chanel Wallet

  1. hello all:

    here is a picture of my new chanel wallet along with my new Tom Ford sunglasses. What do you guys think?
    Picture 002.jpg
  2. Very cute! I like that shade of denim. The sunglasses are really nice too.
  3. cute! both the sunglasses and the wallet
  4. Looks awesome- I really like it.
  5. Absolutely nice buys. Great denim color
  6. I think they're wonderful! I really like the Chanel wallet! I love the denim!
  7. They're both awesome!
  8. Very cute, I especially like the wallet @
  9. I didn't know they made it in denim! Very cute!
  10. that denim looks really durable! im sure u will use it all the time!
  11. I REALLY like that, I love denim and it looks amazing! Well spotted, you got taste! ;)

  12. They had the denim tote to go with it. But I thought that it was really "trendy", so I didn't get it. I am saving my money to get the gold flap lux. I can't wait. It is sold out at the Chanel shop at Tyson's galleria. However, the sm said that they are getting their final shipment in by next week. She said that Chanel is only shipping about a hundred more to the USA and then that will be it. I put my name down on the list.
  13. I was also thinking about the silver lux because it goes well with diamonds. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK: SILVER OR GOLD. By the way, I have a metallic gold and mink Valentino and that is why I am also considering the silver. Decisions, decisions...
  14. Very nice!
  15. Where did you get that fabulous wallet? I have been scrounging around looking for it after my stylist showed it to me about a month ago! Please, help!