My new Chanel tote!

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  1. There is no Chanel store in my city. However, we get occasional trunk shows. I got this beautiful bag today. It was an unexpected choice to me. It is always so exciting to buy something from Chanel, everything is so beautiful!

  2. I have this in the white and black. I love it ! It's a great bag.
  3. Oh what a fun day!!!!! Congrats on this excellent bag! It looks great on you!!
  4. Congrats on your fabulous tote! It's really nice and looks great on you, too!
  5. Yay! It's perfect! Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. Congratulations bucha! That tote is so pretty and looks like it can hold so much!!! Will you use it for everyday?

    BTW, your avatar is so cute - especially in the pink tutu
  7. It's beautiful!!! I especially love the quilting on the fabric around the zipper!! Is it like that inside as well?
  8. Congrats!!! Your tote is beautiful!
  9. Congrats!!

  10. I didn't know it went in black and white too. Did you post pictures of your bag? I would be really interested to see!
  11. Thanks everyone! :smile:

  12. Thank you! Yes, I plan to use it everyday.
    My avatar is my hedgehog in her Halloween costume. :smile:

  13. Thanks! Yes, the inside is also quilted, except on the pockets. There is a double C at the bottom of the bag too:

  14. Congrats on your lovely tote! It's gorgeous!!
  15. Here is the white version .It has the same interior.

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