My new Chanel tote

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  1. Just arrived yesterday from Neiman Marcus. Not sure if I *love*it...may take it back because I like Moe's Chanel bag better! :Push:

  2. Omg. That bag is amazing!! :nuts:
  3. In any case, whatever your choice, I think this bag is gorgeous !
  4. I think I like Moe's bag better, but only because it's more casual. I think this bag is classier and not any less lovable!
  5. This bag will is a classic i almost bought it in beige i might go back. good choice.
  6. Definitely a classic and oh-so-gorgeous!

    congrats!! keep us updated on which you decide to go with
  7. Wow, I LOVE it!
  8. Your bag is really pretty..but totally OT I like your carpet!:shame:
  9. I love it!
  10. If you like the other kind better, return it and get that. At the price we're paying for bags, you gotta love them really or else it's really such a waste and you would always regret it.
  11. my thoughts exactly...
  12. same as mine :amuse:
    Picture 087.jpg Picture 091 (2).jpg
  13. I Love this bag! Gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  14. very beatiful
  15. I love this bag!! Choose whichever one you love...

    Good luck deciding - I would have a hard time...