my new chanel sunnies!

  1. Fiance and I went shopping today, and we stopped to "window shop" some luxury sunnies. I've been looking for a pair of Chanels for a while, but didn't expect to buy a pair anytime soon, esp since we a have a few expenses soming up (a wedding to pay for anyone?). But my dearest :love: sweet fiance saw how excited I was when I tried these on that he whipped out his wallet and the next thing I know, I walk out of the store with my first chanel bag ever!!!! Well, shopping bag with the sunnies, not a "bag" bag, but I'm ok with baby steps ;) !!!! I love this man! i love the classis oversized chanel look, but honest, are these tooo oversized for me? i have 14days to return them. THese are the ones with the mother of pearl double C's.



  2. can we get a front shot?
  3. front shot coming up!
  4. awwww so cute!!!

    love them ;)
  5. please ignore the frazzled hair and funky expression, its been a long day!

  6. I think you look good! I like it.
  7. i like it, i think you should keep it definitely!
  8. Cool!
  9. LOVE them!! KEEP!!!
  10. I just tried these on today, I love the pearl CC. you look hot =) It's a keeper!!
  11. They look great on you! Not too oversized at all.
  12. They are so cute, I absolutely love them! Mind telling us the style number, because they're just fabulous!
  13. Very cute, I'd like to know the style number as well so I can check them out !
  14. thanks ya'll! i think i'll keep 'em! the style number is 5087-H. if anyone gets them, post pics!
  15. I love oversize glasses :love: That's all I wear. It looks great on you.
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