My new Chanel Sunnies!

  1. I was bad at the mall today. I just got these (these are a picture from webcam was taking crappy shots):


  2. Nice, Selena! Those are hot :nuts:
  3. Those are great! Enjoy them!
  4. Those are the exact ones I've been wanting, I'm a chanel sunglasses addict! So pretty, hope you love them!
  5. Thanks!
    Heehee your like me, I never met a pair of Chanel Sunglasses I didnt like! Its my obsession!

  6. Congrats! Chanel makes the best sunglasses
  7. Beautiful! And, that makes three of us. :amuse: Why do they have to be so pretty! :love:
  8. gorgeous! i was thinking of this, but my asian cheeks couldnt tolerate them! congrats to u!
  9. Nice choice! I love those!!
  10. Thanks...I am sick and tired of Chanel making such cute glasses! They need to stop so I can stop! :smile:

  11. Beauuuuutiful! :love:
  12. I have the same pair and I love it!
    You have great taste ;)
  13. Those are very pretty, Selena! Didn't you just buy a pair of Chanel sunglasses not too long ago?:huh: :P
  14. Selena, just wondering, but how much did these come to after tax?
  15. Nice shades ... now I feel like going to the mall:biggrin: !
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