My new ~Chanel sunnies~, & *cambon wallet*

  1. So while on my little shopping excursion at South Coast plaza yesterday with Irishgal:queen: , Taco:kiss: and Lelgin:angel: , I had to stop at Chanel:cutesy: I think I did very well though and just brought home a pair of sunnies that I fell in love with:love: So I thought I'd post a group photo of my favorite new obsessions.:party:
    DSC03790.JPG DSC03791.JPG DSC03792.JPG DSC03794.JPG
  2. Wow, you're on a roll huh? Congrats!
  3. I absolutely love those new sunglasses! They are so chic:love:
  4. Congrats! Very nice!
  5. LOVE your new purchases!!!!! Congrats! Enjoy!
  6. They look hot on ranskimmie! I saw the bag and wallet IRL..
  7. Oh man, you girls are too sweet!!
  8. Whoa, they're gorgeous :smile: But watch out, chanel leather bleeds! I have the same black cambon wallet and it already caught some blue pen ink (perhaps from a credit card?) on the inside pink :sad:
  9. Sweet buys! I love the sunnies!
  10. Great buys - Have fun with your new purchases
  11. Lovely! I like your selections. ;)
  12. Ummm I have those shades, but with the gold color instead of silver ;)
    They are incredible comfy, enjoy!
  13. Nice sunnies, congrats:smile:
  14. wow love the shades and wallet. how much do those wallets usually go for? i'm thinking of getting one.
  15. Nice sunnies - congrats.