My new Chanel sunglasses!!!!!

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  1. I just got a new job and decided to treat myself. So, I went to NM and got these sunglasses. Apparently, they are limited edition and the pair that I bought was the only one left in the company...YAY! LOL...

    The frame is black with white trim. Silver CC logo is on both temples. I've never seen these before but as soon as I saw them, I fell in love with the originality, so I had to have them!!!! I should probably take better pics, just so you can see the white trim better!
    Anyway, thank you for letting me share! I love them!:love:
    CC sunglasses2.jpg CC sunglasses1.jpg
  2. congrats!
  3. Very cool. I want a new pair of sunglasses too.:supacool:
  4. oooh, can you photograph the sides?

    Great shades!!!

    I'm ready for another pair. . . and I just got my newest ones this past month! LOL!
  5. Gorgoues sunnies...Congrats.
  6. So cute!
  7. OH I love them especially with the white contrast!:love:
  8. cute!!
  9. I love these. Wish I had them. I already own 2 pairs of Chanel sunnies - wouldn't hurt to have another. Great buy!
  10. ADORABLE!!
  11. Do you think the Chanel stores might still have some in stock?
  12. Those are hot! Congrats!
  13. Thank you everyone!!!!

    Swanky, I'll post more pics tomorrow.

    Georgiegirl, I am not sure if Chanel boutiques have them. I have never seen them before yesterday. But give them a call. I'll post their style number tomorrow morning, so you have some info.
  14. Very cute! Congrats!
  15. Anna, that pair is gorgeous! I love the white trim!
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