My New Chanel Sunglasses *PICS*

  1. Here are my new Chanel Sunglasses. Brown Rimless w / Gold CC's. Style 4145
    IMG_1220.JPG IMG_1221.JPG IMG_1229.JPG IMG_1230.JPG IMG_1208.JPG
  2. they looks so nice on you!!! congrats i love them!
  3. Congrats! They look great on you!
  4. I looooove those. You look fabulous. Where did ya get 'em?
  5. Beautiful!!!
  6. hot!!congrats!
  7. They look great on you! Congrats. :smile:
  8. beautiful! did you get it from boutique? how much? i really like them on you!
  9. Congraz !! YOU LOOK HOT !!! those glasses look SO SO SO pretty on you!
  10. They are sooo cute. How much were they?
  11. Thank you for your lovely comments! :smile: I got them from Nordstrom. They were $390 not including tax.
  12. congrats! they look amazing on you! and that's a great price for a pair of chanel sunnies!
  13. love that, looks good on you
  14. Wow, those are HOT!:smile:
  15. Love your glasses!
    the last pic is fab!