My new Chanel sunglasses and what the heck is up with the case?

  1. I just spent over $400 on new sunglasses and the case was plastic!!!

    I got better cases with $10.00 sunglasses from Walmart. What is up with that? Did I get ripped off, or is this new?

  2. do you have a pic of the case?

    All the Chanel sunglasses I've seen either came with the black hard-case, the pearl white hard case, or the black hard-case with crystals (all with CHANEL embossed on the front)
  3. i think depending on the size and length of sunnies, the cases are different. my chanel 6023 (wrap around sunnies) came with a black plastic case-like holder, not the usual hard case. this particular style wouldn't have fit in regular case. "CHANEL" logo was on the case.
  4. All of my others had the nice hard case. The new ones had a cheap plastic case with a snap closure. I don't think I would even trust them to protect my sunnies in my purse.

  5. Can you post a pic, I am curious?
  6. lol
    I got 3 of those cases.
    For my bigger sunglasses.
    my 620 starburst game with those .. lol
    It protects mine fine- but I am extra careful...
    lol I am laughin at your comment- what the heck is up with the
  7. Ha, I have the case you're talking about. I just bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses and they are kind of large, so they had to be put in the extra big case....I know, it does look cheap and weird. But as long as it fits the glasses, I'm ok with it.
  8. My sporty sky sunglasses were really big and came in a plastic box with only the CC on the button clasp.
  9. [​IMG]

    Does the case look similar to mine?
  10. Sakura,

    Your case is the hard one with crystals (so pretty). Theres a big ugly plastic one out there that comes with the larger sided sunnies's big and bulky.
  11. Here is the picture.

    Hopefully it comes out. It's been a while since I posted pics of anything.

    sunglasses 02.JPG
  12. You said it was plastic, this looks like a leather case. I have seen these before - they come with larger sunglasses.
  13. yuck... much prefer the other case. the big one just looks so bulky.
  14. That looks similar to the Gucci cases. It is so large and bulky it takes up the entire purse. I hate that.
  15. I've been seeing those cases with the larger sunnies too.
    Definately bulky.