My new Chanel Speedy *pics*

  1. This is what I got at the pre-sale at NM: my new Chanel Speedy - she's all dressed up. I'm obsessed with Hermes Twillies lately! And some of my other sale goodies - sorry, non-chanel: Bottega Veneta Green Pochette/Clutch, Prada Blue handbag and prada shoes, Prada Animalier Python Rope Tote, Tod's Black Buckle Bag.


  2. oooh everything is so cute! love the chanel and the prada shoes!!
  3. Wow - they are all gorgeous and I love your Hermes Twillies!! especially the black and red one on your Chanel.
  4. Gorgeous bags, love the Twillies.. Congrats
  5. I seen this in Chanel Stores and its still full price..
  6. gorgeous!!!! love how it looks with the twillies, especially like the 2nd twilly! so pretty. congrats on alllll your fab buys!
  7. omg i love your blue prada and green bv !
  8. Ohhh nice!!! How much did you pay for your Chanel?
  9. Congrats, the Twillies look so cute on your Speedy!
  10. Very nice purchases, congrats!
  11. Wow! What great purchases! Max, you have such fabulous taste. Everytime I see a lovely woman walk by on Michigan Avenue I wonder if it couldb e you!
  12. Love all the pretty colors! The scarves look great on your yummy bags!
  13. Oh I love all those bags, especially the blue Prada.
  14. Congrats on all of the lovely bags!
  15. Congrats! It's very beautiful!