My new Chanel - so happy!

  1. Hi ladies!
    I've got this (preloved) new Chanel bag, it's a large Cambon tote, I love it so much! :heart:

    So this is the beauty:


    This is me with my bag (so you can see my face):


    And last pic is of my Chanel pieces so far:


    I'm so in love with Chanel!!! :heart:

  2. aww, looks so pretty on you!

  3. Congrats Alice. I hope you enjoy your Cambon, it is very pretty and fits you well.
  4. Thank you RoseMary and thank you Michele! :heart:

    My BF was taking the photos and was like "OMG another photo for your bag forum" LOL
  5. Enjoy your bag...and wear it in good health...
  6. It's so cute Alice :smile: ... and Happy New year too !!
  7. I love that bag!! Congrats!
  8. I love the Cambon tote! It's such a great, pracitcal bag. Mine is the beige/beige patent version. Congrats!
  9. Aww Alice, you look so happy with your new Cambon, congratulations! And it looks so crispy white, it's really gorgeous :girlsigh:

    Happy New Year to you! :heart:
  10. Congratz!!! I love it!
  11. i wish i had bought your bag in brown or beige when they were still readily available. the tote is so timeless yet modern. enjoy it (and i also wish i lived in italy!!)--it looks fab on you.
  12. Congrats!
    Your bag looks beautiful on you!
  13. Looks great on you and how cute how you tied the bows on!
  14. Beautiful bag :love:, and you wear it well :yes:! Both of you look great :tup:.
  15. Lisa, Vicky, Chichi, Roey, LVuittonLuvr and Lady chinadoll: thank you so much for your sweet comments!
    Nathalie, it's white like the snow or at least it reminds me snow, not only a summer bag as my BF mom stated - she is a nice lady, just doesn't notice her words sometimes hurt.. but I don't care and learn to not listen like her son does!! LOL

    Ldldb, thank you! I guess you don't imagine but now in my area it's very cold!! Last night it was -5°C!!! Brrr!!!