My new Chanel shopping tote with imitation pearls...keep or return?

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  1. Just got this bag today. SA said they got it in today and only had one in the store. I’m a mom of 2 babies/toddlers and was either thinking something like the LV Neverfull or this to be used as a “diaper” or everyday bag when out with the littles. Hubby didn’t want me to get the LV bc he says he sees it everywhere. My only other Chanel is the medium flap in lamb skin which I baby to death. Is this tote a good everyday bag with littles or should I return? It was about $3800 with tax. I’m a little concerned about the pearls possibly falling off and the bag losing its structure but then again I’ve never owned a Deaville tote before. Is it difficult to clean the black canvas material? Are there better alternatives? Any advice would be appreciated!

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  2. I love this bag. You should totally keep it! I’m on the waitlist @ my local store. You can add a bag insert to help keep its shape but this tote is suppose to be relax. I don’t know how it will wear over time but I plan on using mine as a travel tote. And black color bags are not that difficult to take care of. Keep it and enjoy it!
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  3. The same pearls are on leather version for every season and there are good reviews. I have this version attached and absolutely love it for travel.

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    Any recs or pics of an insert for this? And do you keep this in a dust bag stuffed too when not in use?

    my other option was to also find a preloved Grand shopping one more durable and comfortable than the other? Sizing is similar right?
  5. I love it but worried the “pearls” would fall off or tarnish. Any reviews on the quality of the pearls?
  6. Yes, I use organizer from amazon Samorga, cover with dust bag when not in use and put wrapping bubbles or air filled squares...
  7. You can exchange with leather one since that one has been around for many years.. or simply enjoy your bag. Looks very nice.
  8. Eventually the pearls will fall off, how can they not? I'd exchange for something in leather. $3800 on a fabric bag is just beyond my comprehension, unless money is no object to you. Then, I'd say, go for it.
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  9. I've had mine for maybe 2.5 years now. It's as good as new and I use it as a workhorse for travel. I say go for it. It's light, the studs are as good as new and shape keeps pretty well. I love this bag and I'm so glad I bought it. I don't use an insert and it's still fine. Only gripe is that the bag isn't that secure and things can fall out but it doesn't bother me that much.
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  10. Beautiful
  11. Since Chanel does only 5 years of repairs and you are a mom, I'd get something lower maintenance.