My new Chanel shoes

  1. I'm so excited and just wanted to share!! These are the only ballet flats that fit me perfectly (I wear a size 10.5/11). They are too expensive for a flat shoe, but when you have big feet, you don't have many options. :suspiciou

    I think I have them on the wrong feet in the picture. :shame:

  2. These are SO comfortable. I had a pair but returned them because at 5'2" I need all of the height I can get and flats make me look like a child.:shame:

    I loved them though.:cry:
  3. OOH! I have the slides in 2 colors...LOVE!!! CONGRATS!!
  4. those are adorable! congrats! :biggrin:
  5. Awesome! hehe
    I have those in white in white and white in black!!! ;)
  6. They are beautiful! I'm thinking that I need a pair too but I'm pretty short, 5'3" and usually go for shoes with a little height. Congrats!
  7. OMG!!! I LOVE those!!! I wanted a pink pair to match my bag but couldn't find them.:sad2:
  8. AW! Very very cute!
  9. They're lovely! :love: I saw a gorgeous pair of Chanel flats in Saks yesterday. I need more money :P
  10. They are so cute. I looked at last week. The SA said they were uncomfortable for people with wide feet. Congrats.
  11. awww so adorable! congrats!
  12. Esiders they look great.

    Anyone know what colors these flats come in?

    black w/ white c's
    white w/black c's
    white w/ white c's
    pink w/black c's

    did I miss any?
  13. they are beautiful! mind if i ask you how much they are?
  14. $525 :blink: ...luckily I live in a state that doesn't charge sales tax on shoes.
  15. They are so cute, I really have been lusting over a pair myself personally. But I don't know what I'd wear with them :sad:! I hope you enjoy them!