My new chanel --- reissue 2.55 Silver

  1. Just bought at yesterday from Hong Kong Chanel, there's no choice of size only 227 could be choose of the reissue 2.55 silver bag:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    And this is bought from last week: "the rock" series

    The following is my first Chanel bag----- coco cabas (accompany with the "I'm not a plastic bag" US version as a present bought from my friend at Canada)
  2. Congrats! May I know the price of light silver reissue in 227 here in HK? TIA!
  3. it's HKD 22000,
    excuse me how can i edit the photo and the post for this thread?
    i think the photo is a bit large here and i want to resize it? thanks for your help, i can't find any places for me to edit the post i made?
  4. Wow! Quite expensive if bought from HK?! :biggrin: Thanks for the info.. Regarding the photo, you can't edit your post if it's after 15 mins.. You can try posting it again, attaching photos or putting the image link. hope that helps ;)
  5. oh~ really thanks~~
  6. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  7. the silver is gorgeous!! your pic is 1024x768 (right click and see property), in the future resize it to a smaller size before you post.
  8. I bought mine for that amount too from macau.. the prizes are kinda insane imo.. but oh well when you gotta buy you gotta buy? =p and grats the light silver is gorrrrgeous :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! Gorgeous bag.
  10. Thanks for sharing, enjoy!
  11. oh it's gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!
  12. The silver is beautiful! congrats!
  13. lovely! congrats!
  14. Its a beautiful colour and bag
  15. Gorgeous additions! Loving the light silver reissue... :love:

    Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo: