My New Chanel Rainboots!

  1. I bought them yesterday at Neimans, and OMG they are so awesome!!!



  2. cute! do you mind if I ask how much they were? i need a cute pair of rain boots for next year!
  3. i love the cute baby animal print on the inside! :smile: i'm also curious as to how much it is :smile:
  4. They were like $280 without tax! Sooooooooooo CHEAP!

    You better run and get one, because my SA immediately set it aside for me as soon as they arrived in the store. He knew they would disappear because of how cheap they are and because they are super cute.
  5. Too cute!!! The graphics on the inside are gorgeous.
  6. those are sooooooo cute!!!

  7. Thanks!! I know! I wore them today and it was perfect because the snow is finally melting :p

    They are so comfortable! ;)
  8. Cute. I didn't know they made rain boots.
  9. how's the sizing on these ?
  10. sooo cute, congrats!
  11. Yeah! They do! Hahahaha
    They JUST came out. So run to your local Neiman Marcus and talk to your SA!

    Same as always. You need one size bigger.

  12. I saw them yesterday in the boutique, they are so cute.
    Congratulations with your new boots!
  13. too cute! thanks for sharing!
  14. They are adorable and so reasonable...
  15. They are very cute, and a real good price. Congrats!!!