My new Chanel pumps - picture + a question!

  1. I got these Chanel Pumps a little while ago with my Saks bonus reward. :smile: But I've been so busy, I've barely had time to browse the forum often, let alone takes pictures! Anyhow, here they are. I'm so in love with them.

    I'm scared of getting them dirty, so I haven't worn them out yet. Any suggestions on anything I can spray/protect them with?

  2. I have these exact shoes in a cream color (yours are beige). I have worn them 3-4 times and they still look brand new. I haven't treated them with anything.
  3. I love the pumps Edna, congratulations! :smile: Sorry, I don't have any suggestions about a protective spray though!

  4. CUTE!!! :love: :love:

    Congrats Edna!!! :yahoo:
  5. Those shoes are sooo cute! Are they comfortable?
  6. Love it!!!!
  7. Cute! They look like they'd be really comfy.
  8. I have these in black hehehe

    But I was going to say, just clean them with water as soon as you can and dry them. That seems to work for me and my white shoes
  9. Wow..those are hot!!
  10. Really cute! Congrats!:love:
  11. Those shoes are so pretty! Congrats-
  12. edna, I'm thinking about getting these.

    what are you planning on wearing them with?
  13. lovely- I want to get these
  14. Oh, I tried those kind of pumps on the last time I went to NM, they feel so comfy. If I didn't buy my flats on that day, I would buy that. It is definitely on my To-Buy List though...:wlae: Enjoy, yours is gorgeous!
  15. I love your new pumps!!