My new Chanel pearls...

  1. as modeled by my adorable little Lily! Model is wearing Children's Place nighty and her very own gorgeous smile! Pearls are very long and one side is cream, the other black with the ccs on the end. It is lariat style so very versatile!
    chanel pearls 002_1.jpg
  2. wow.. stacy, your girl looks great.. so as your pearls.
    congratulations.. :yahoo:
  3. Aw, so cute! Your baby is adorable! Tell Lily she is rockin' those pearls!
    Fabulous purchase rockerchic, Congrats and Enjoy.
  4. pearls are lovely stacy, but Lily steals the show:love: ....adorable! brought a smile to my face!:yes:
  5. Awww, so cute! I love the pearls too - how did you track them down? I thought the black and white style was sold out a couple of seasons ago?
  6. Stacy, what an adorable picture of Lily. Congrats on your new beautiful pearls.
  7. Stacy-another gorgeous buy!! You are the epitomy of class...
  8. What a beautiful photo! I love the black and white pearls. Enjoy them while you can. The girls will want to start borrowing them soon!
  9. She is too cute!!!! I love the pearls, they look great on!!
  10. Tweetie, I scored these at the Chanel outlet at the Woodbury Commons (sorry girls, last strand...I asked just in case someone else would be interested). The outlet is very hit or miss...I seldom find things there but always pop in to check! I only live 10 minutes away...
    Also got a couple adorable Pucci makeup bags at the Celine outlet there.
    If anyone roadtrips to the outlets, make sure you give me a call and we can meet for shopping!! :smile:
  11. AWWW Lily is so scrumptious I want to eat her up!!! :tender:

    Oh yeah, and the pearls are pretty too ;)
  12. Very pretty!!! How much are they? :heart:
  13. I absolutly love them! I'm new to Chanel jewelry and never seen anything like that with the 2 colors. Lily is absolutly adorable too! I love pucci too, lucky you sounds like you really scored
  14. OMG look at that gorgeous smile. Lily is so beautiful Stacy.:love:

    Awesome score on the Chanel pearls. I just love when I can find great stuff at outlets.
  15. Aaagh!! You're so lucky - I love Woodbury Commons... I had a blast when I visited there a few years ago! Geez, I hate our shopping in Canada sometimes. We don't have any good outlets here:sad:

    Well, if you're ever tired of them, you know who to call :graucho: