My new Chanel Naked Flap in Silver!

  1. It was my first time "cheating" on LV. Hopefully LV will understand an "open relationship" because I saw lots of stuff in Chanel that's TDF, hehe.

    Here she is with all my LV stuff inside... clear bag = all the better to show off my accessories, LOL.

    And here's a modeling pic.


  2. Cute bag and accessories. Congrats!!:smile:
  3. Love it, congrats and welcome, my only worry is that EVERYONE will be able to see your beautiful LV accessories- be careful!
  4. That looks so gorgeous all together. I love the colors! Congrats!
  5. Thanks guys!

    And thanks for your concern but don't worry... it's kind of a going out bag, and I only go out with my bodyguard (AKA boyfriend). ;)
  6. Oh soo cute! :love: Congratz!!!
  7. congrats it's gorgeous
  8. Yup your bf won't allow anyone coming near you or that bag lol.
    I'm so happy I was there when you picked up this baby. Here's to more Chanel~!
  9. Thanks guys!

    Happie_Berrie... are those your bags in your avatar? That pink cherry blossom is too cute!

    MB: I will drink (a soda) to more Chanel! :drinkup:
  10. I really love this bag. It looks really nice the way you have the inside layed out. Congrats!
  11. The bag is so cool! Congrats.

    OT, but I *love* your shoes also :yes:
  12. Thanks :smile: I'm hoping it doesn't get jumbled around when I walk. An upside-down heart wouldn't be quite as cute. ;)

    Thanks for noticing, lol. Those are like my one pair of nice shoes... Calvin Klein's. :smile:
  13. Looks great on you! Congrats! :yahoo:
  14. It just holds your stuff perfectyl!! TOO cute!!
  15. I l0000ve your framboise accessories! Framboise is my favorite vernis color. And I used to be a vernis HATER!