My new Chanel jumbo ...

  1. This is my new jumbo bag (well, I actually got it for Christmas and haven't been around to post).

    It's my first-ever BLACK Chanel bag. I love it, except it's kinda weird because it's neither the traditional lambskin nor caviar ... it's leather. And I'm not sure about the style of the lock. It's a little bit harder to fasten than the traditional CC lock.

    I have three brown Chanels -- a regular jumbo flap with silver hardware, a vintage brown tote and a brown medium flap with gold hardware. I don't know why I never ventured into black, which is in my opinion, classier.

    Just thought I'd share this odd landmark occasion with those who understand my bag fetish!

    What do you think? :tup:? :tdown:?
  2. it's absolutely gorgeous, congrats!
  3. :tup: Me likey!!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. By the way, I also love your new bags in your post (just a few posts below mine)! I love the traditional jumbo flap ... I sincerely believe it is one of the most beautiful bags out there! Congrats to you!
  5. Congrats on your new Chanel:tup: I have the same bag and I LOVE it :yahoo:
  6. Oooh! Congrats! It's a "hybrid" and it's GORGEOUS! I love it! I don't like the pebbled caviar, but I love the washed/distressed caviar! A black flap is the classic, quintessential Chanel bag! :tup::love:
  7. The leather looks divine! I love it.
  8. What do you mean that it's a "hybrid"? Because it's sorta like a reissue and sorta like a regular jumbo and made of leather? (Sorry, I know nothing of all the names/varieties of bags ... I just see bags I love and buy them!)

    What is nice about the unique material is that it does not scratch as easily as lambskin. It's sensitive, but much more durable than my lambys, yet not as rough to the touch as caviar.

    Now if I could only get the black PNY expandable flap I so desire, I would be set for life. Well, maybe a year. Or six months. lolz.
  9. We both have the same bags and if that is a Boston terrier in your photo (can't tell if it's a French bulldog?) then we both have the same type of dog.

    Great minds think alike!
  10. it is a washed lambskin, not caviar. i think it's called the "new flap" or something. it's wonderful!

    btw, check out the sticky above for a good thread about the different flap bags.
  11. i love it!
  12. :tup:
  13. Thanks! I need to learn about these bags ... so it is lambskin after all ... :heart:
  14. Awww, Thx!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  15. The hybrid flap is beautiful, congrats! Classy and contemporary all in one :flowers: