My new CHANEL J12 watch

  1. I love both but can only get one:sad:
    白色CHANEL J12.jpg 黑色CHANEL J12.jpg
  2. I went for the white one:nuts:
    Hope I can get the black one soon:yes:
    DSC05576.JPG DSC05571.JPG
  3. Can't stop thinking the black one:rolleyes:
  4. Wow how pretty! Dont think about the black one you have a gorgeous white one!!!
  5. So gorgeous! :love:

  6. i prefer the white to the black, so i think u made the right choice :biggrin: congrats, its lovely!!!
  7. I totally agree the white is prettier!
  8. Stunning! It looks so good on you.
  9. Yowza!! :drool:

    What a hot watch. Enjoy it!
  10. Lucky girl, that looks stunning on you, congrats!!
  11. I LOVE it!!! The size is amazing...I WANT IT!!!
  12. Stunning watch!!! I love the J12, it is so classy.
  13. It looks beautiful on you! Enjoy it...
  14. What a head turner!! Great watch, love the white.
  15. This is the 38mm yes? Congratulations!:yahoo: