My new Chanel Ipod holders!

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  1. On Sale!!!

    The regular Ipod holder is brown with orange on the inside. The other one is a mini Ipod holder and is black with pink on the inside.

    I don't have a mini but SA sent this to me thinking this would fit my Nano. I may have to send it back unless I can find another use for it.

    PS. don't laugh at my "old" iPod - it is an oldie but still works great! It's a second generation and I think about 4 years old.:shame:

  2. oo cute :yes: how much are they?
  3. I was wondering if the iPod holders would fit the older iPods. I too have an older generation iPod. The older gen. seem to be a little larger than the newer video iPods. Since they fit I will have to get one. :smile: Yours looks great!
  4. Very cute!
  5. How great is that!
  6. Kirsten, they have elastic on the sides so they can stretch a bit. I can even fit my bigger ipod into the mini holder. It just sticks out the top a little.

    I hope you get one - I love it!!
  7. How much and where can we get them??
  8. That is great to know! :yahoo: I've tried iPod holders (Juicy C., etc.) on my iPod before and they wouldn't fit. I thought I was stuck forever with the ugly plain iPod case I bought a few years ago when my iPod was current. Or I'd just have to buy a new iPod, only for it to become outdated a year later. I love the black/black patent cc's too and it will match my wallet.
  9. Kirsten you can see the elastic type band an the smaller holder. It basically just holds the two sides together but my Ipod fits in there nice and tight.

    I got them from NM and they were around $170-180 on sale. I think originally around $300. I can check later.
  10. Do they have any kind of strap for carrying?
  11. Maxter: Is the larger one the one to get for our gen. iPods though, or is the iPod kind of loose in it? Or should I go for the smaller one?
  12. Which NM has them? Thanks!
  13. cute!
  14. Kirsten, The larger one fits great on our ipod. No slipping or anything - and it is still easy to get in and out (not like those skins).

    I will snap a side view later so you can see how it fits in.

    I got these from the NM in Chicago - I doubt if they have any left. My SA sent them to me as soon as they went on markdown.
  15. does the little one fit your nano? i've been trying to find a chanel case for my nano. and these are cuuuute!