My new Chanel goodies *Pictures*

  1. Received my sixth Chanel bag and my first classic flap. It is caviar in Navy but it is hard to tell from the pictures... look very much like black:graucho:

    Also presented is my new Chanel brooch.. I had a lot in the past and sold many of them off because I don't really wear them.. too dressy but my heart melt when I saw this one... to yummy to pass :shrugs:

    Last but not least, my fav Chanel doll! a souvenir from Chanel runway show..:yahoo:

    Enjoy and thank you for checking them out!
  2. Sorry... forgot the pictures:sweatdrop:
    Chanel Navy 1.JPG Chanel Pink Pin.JPG Chanel Doll.JPG
  3. Great stuff! That navy medium flap is fab!
  4. :yahoo: you DID get the navy flap, baobaobeibei! i love it, isn't the colour divine? congrats!
    the brooch and the doll are too cute :biggrin:
  5. Nightshade, yes, I got it! I was debating hard but finally went with it. Thanks for putting my mind at peace by letting me know how you think of Navy bags!
  6. Lovely!
  7. congratulaaations .... :yahoo: :yahoo:

    they are so yummmies :drool: ...
  8. yayyy baobaobeibei, they're utterly cute :yes:
    is teh flap comes with silver hardware? and is it the medium?



  9. Sea, it is the medium classic flap with silver hardware! I love it and now I want a red one. By the way, I love all of your modeling pictures too. You are so CUTE:nuts:
  10. thank u for the compliments :shame:
    yeah, i think a red one would be :drool:
  11. Oh, you must get the red. I am just loving mine! :girlsigh: The navy is very pretty too.
    I LOVE the doll!
  12. Congrats- the doll is too cute!
  13. Thank all of you for the nice words! I am very happy with my new additions. I bet a lot of people won't recognize it is Navy if I had not called it out specifically :king:
  14. love your new flap...enjoy it, it's very pretty.
  15. cuteeee