my new chanel from woodbury

  1. I got this bag from woodbury on sunday.
    I feel so lucky and happy..:yahoo:

    This is lambskin
    alomst same size as classic large.
    Resized_Image051.jpg Resized_Image053.jpg
  2. Lucky you. Congratulation.
  3. Oooh..That's cute. Can I ask how much you got this for?
  4. ooooh how much please?
  5. wow, congrats! very pretty!
  6. Thanks~~ ;)
    I paid $1170, original price was $1550.
  7. Congrats it's beautiful!I love lambskin!:tup:
  8. Very pretty, I like the gold details in between the quilting. Very nice :tup:
  9. Cute, congrats!
  10. Very nice, great find. Congrats!
  11. What a good deal! A lovely colour too.
  12. It's very pretty! Congratulations.
  13. Good gosh -- you won the lottery. Is it a medium shade of reddish brown, or are my e-balls deceiving me?

    Congrats on your new flap -- and thanks for posting the pics!!
  14. that's a really fantastic find from woodbury. congrats!
  15. I love the details in the quilting...fantastic!