My new Chanel Flats :-)

  1. So here are my new Chanel flats. I love them!! They are so comfy and the leather is so soft....

    I also scanned the pic of them in white from the Neiman Cataglog.


  2. ooohhh, Congrats!!! they do look comfy! What are the colors selections besides w/b, and b/w?
  3. I only saw the b/w when I was in the store. I don't think the whites were there yet. I want them both now!
  4. Congrats on the new shoes! I'm sure they are like walking on air.
  5. Oh good, I'm glad you went with Chanel. Very nice!
  6. Congratulations! They do look comfy. Love the black more than white.
  7. I wish my stumpy legs could pull off flats.
    They're beautiful!
  8. They are nice! I was thinking of getting them!
  9. Congratulations, they look so cute!
  10. congrats shmoo88! they're so cute!
  11. Ooh cute! Congrats! Long live the flats trend.
  12. congrats they are adorable!
  13. I usually love my heels, but I think every girl nees one pair of cute flats...and they are still so in style, so if I am going to go flat... I am going Chanel.:p
  14. those are HOTT
  15. ^ITA. Everyone is showing flats right now even Manolo and Louboutin. Love these - you will definitely get a lot of use out of them. Enjoy!!