My new Chanel flats!!

  1. I was shopping at Chanel at Ngee Ann City, Singapore today and I found these :yes: Tried them on and absolutely loved them!! So comfy!!! They are tan with black toes and the SA told me that they just came in yesterday! :yahoo: There were a few nice bags available too but only in Tan and Black, plus some of the new perforated bags, so I didn't get any bags. But totally loving these shoes :love:



  2. OMG~ I love these shoes! They are absolutely gorgeous.... :drool:

    How much are they?
  3. With the current exchange rate, I paid about USD526 with tax.
  4. WOW! Nice ballet flats! I want!:drool:
  5. Wow, your shoes are so cute. Enjoy wearing them!
  6. OMG I want these! Congratulations they are beautiful!!!
  7. Very nice! Congrats!
  8. Beautiful..congrats!!!
  9. The shoes are so cute. Congrats.
  10. those shoes are fabulous: i have seen them and they are really delicious. go with jeans, suits, etc etc
    i have the stacked heel version in black and gray.....the comfort is incredible because of the gathering around the vamp
  11. love them, congrats!
  12. besides looking classic, they are so comfortable.
  13. ooo...they look so pretty !!!! post some modeling pics for us :smile::yahoo:
  14. These were my first love! But they did not have my size.. :shame:

    Congratulations.. these are gorgeous shoes! :p
  15. Oh, I love them. They look so comfy.