my new chanel flats.....kill my feet! >_<

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  1. I bought a pair of these:


    And I think they're super cute! But when i put my foot in it...I could hardly bend them without it hurting a lot. I even sized up 1 whole size. So I tried the trick of heating them, except since theyre plastic I stuck them in the oven on 200 degrees, 20 seconds, took them out and wore them around, and repeated. Lol, my litttle home remedy. And now, they're capable of being walked in, however 50 meters out of my house and the backs of my feet are completely destroyed and blistered and my toes hurt a lot, too. What should I do? And how can ANYONE find these flats comfortable?!???? When I jumped back into my Tory Burch flats, they felt like cotton balls
    (and even those pinch a little bit, especially my pinky toe :sad:).

    Help! I really want to keep these and don't want to have to sell them, but if they're completely unwearable i might have to. Although I'm thinking of just keeping them around for wearing around my house because they're cute ^__^
  2. They are cute, but if they hurt I wonder if you can still return them even if you've worn and tried them. Could the store at least issue you a credit for something else?
  3. Sorry to hear that's happening... But they are super cute so I do hope you get some great advice from the ladies here~

    Oh wait~ I've seen padding/gel type stickies that can be placed at the heels of your feet. Maybe try those out? But the thing is, they don't make many colors and they have adhesive (so once you put them on the inside of the flats, its pretty much final).
  4. They are gorgeous ! but look quite uncomfy !
    I would keep them as i'm not 100% sure if they would let you take them back? but its worth a try ... I have some really painful flats more painful that my highest of heels !
    Defo get blister gel patches ! they are amazing - i always keep a pack in my bag !

    It's the way forward with uncomfy shoes ! x
  5. I know, they're cute! I'll try some padding...I hope it works. Also, I'm not thinking of taking them back I've already worn them. But if I really need to, I guess I'll sell them or something, but I don't want to hahahaa...
  6. Keep them !

    the gel cushions i use are clear and you stick them to the back of your heels ! it should take away quite alot of the pain ! maybe a few wears might loosen them up ! x
  7. They are so beautiful. Sorry they hurt! Have you tried a Band Aid Blister Stick? If not you could use any stick deodorant to keep them from creating friction. Also, for tightness, you could try the sock trick - wear them in your house with the thickest socks you can get in them. Using a hairdryer on them while they are on their feet also quicken the process of the shoes stretching. This might work better than the oven. HTH!
  8. they are plastic and your feet would sweating which incurs blistering and hurt no matter what brand.

    to me, plastic is plastic, not exclusively !

  9. Ditto. Sorry they hurt your feet. They are cute.
  10. It's a shame you find them so uncomfortable because they are very cute.
  11. Very cute, however the plastic does look very uncomfortable. I hope the padding helps. Since you love them so much, you should just keep them to wear around the house (as you mentioned) when you have guests over, or just use them for times when you know you will mostly be sitting down, like when you're going to a friends house to sit and talk or into a restaurant to eat. That way you can wear them and enjoy them, but won't necessarily have to walk more than a few feet and get blisters.

    The definitely don't look like the type of flats you can walk in! But super cute!!
  12. the deodorant stick is proven effective! ita with JSG
  13. Plastic doesnt really stretch. Lambskin flats will stretch, but your poor toes look all smooshed. I wouldnt keep shoes that hurt . Well maybe if they made my legs look like Barbies or something and only when drunk! Sell or give away. why trash your feet and feel miserable over it?
  14. I'm not sure what you should do with them, but I can tell you that painful flats are painful flats, and most never break in. I learned this the hard way this summer and destroyed my foot, I ripped off so much skin trying to wear certain flats through the pain that they were giving me that I have a scar now on my heel, I made a thread about it in the shoe sub forum. Flats in general are really tricky, like 90% of them are painful in some way :sad: Those are very cute though, you can keep trying to break them in but give them a time limit because with some, if they haven't broken in by a certain point, they aren't going to
  15. Plastic just isn't very comfortable. Return them and get a nice pair of leather flats. They are comfortable and they will fit better without causing pain.