My new chanel + family pic!

  1. I am a chanel late bloomer.... I only recently fell in love with chanel after having had affairs with fendi, chloe, and marc jacobs. The gals in the chanel forum ROCK and I have loved hanging out on this board!

    Today I treated myself to a bag I have been drooling over for a long time... a metallic black reissue in the medium size. I have also attached a picture of my small but happy chanel family! (Black metallic flap, gold "black" le marais" flap and my vintage alligator chanel w/ chain strap.)

    The only question is, once my bank account replenishes itself, what's next?:heart:
  2. Oops here are the pics.:p
    stuff 010.JPG stuff 013.JPG
  3. Where are the pictures?! Can't wait to see them ;)
  4. BEAUUUTIFUL! I never get sick of looking at the pix of metallic reissue! I love everything in your collection! I've never seen the vintage alligator before but looks stunning!
  5. Cute! Great addition!
  6. oh wow, i am (almost) speechless! they are gorgeous!!! :love:
  7. they are beautifffulll! great choices! i esp. love the vintage alligator bag.
  8. Beautiful!

  9. Lucky gal! I love your bags.... *drooools*
  10. Your bags are beautiful!
  11. They are gorgeous, and congrats on your new reissue. For your next bag, there are so many to choose from, maybe see what is coming out for the winter collection.
  12. Great Chanel family pic! I looove your Les Marais Flap in Black/Gold!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. oh that reissue, LOVE!
  14. I love all your bags! Thanks for sharing :drool:
  15. beauties, congrats!