My new Chanel expandable in navy

  1. I just got this bag today and I really love it! The color is gorgeous and so is the bag! Its a great size and very special :yahoo::love:

    PS. sorry about my outfit... its late and I am on my way to bed
    chanel.JPG chanel3.JPG chanel4.JPG chanel7.JPG
  2. Fabulous puchase, the bag is TDF!
    Thanks for posting.
    Congrats and Enjoy.
  3. Beautiful blue!! Enjoy your stunning bag.
  4. That's a gorgeous color!
  5. It's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!
  6. That is absolutely stunning- enjoy!!
  7. Beautiful color!!! May I ask where you bought this bag? I am on the waitlist for camel at Saks. I think I am going to get this navy instead. I know Saks did not order navy...
    love the color!
  9. Thanks all of you :yes:

    I originally wanted a black one, but the boutique in Copenhagen only got one navy and one cream and I loved the navy when I saw it! Its very deep blue and looks great with black as well.

    Thanks again :smile:

  10. Hi,

    I live in Denmark and got it in the only Chanel Boutique here. Its very special in navy I think. A nice change :yes:

  11. congrats! It looks lovely ~~
    when I checked in the LA boutiques last week, the expandable flaps were not in yet. Lucky you!
  12. Congrats on your new bag!! LOVE the colour!! :love: :yahoo:
  13. SO BEAUTIFUL!! CONGRATS!!! :yahoo:
  14. I have it in black and I ADORE mine!Congrats!
  15. CONGRATZ!!it's pretty!!!