My New Chanel Earrings

  1. I received a $100.00 gift card to NM and the expiration date was July 28th so I had to use it or it'd go to waste. I was having a hard time finding something. An SA struck up a conversation with my family and I and my mom told her about the gift card I had.

    She said she'd help us with what to buy. (I happened to be carrying my PST so she probably got the feeling I was more into Chanel than other brands lol) so she showed us some Chanel earrings. After some thinking I decided to get them.

    Here are some pics :smile:
    chaneartag.jpg chanear2tag.jpg
  2. wow...gorgeous...i love it :love: how much are they btw? diamonds?
  3. congrats :smile:
  4. They are gorgeous - congrats
  5. congrats, they're beautiful.
  6. They are beautiful! I've got the exact pair and I love them but I find them really hard to get off.. I almost ripped my ear today :sad:
  7. aww i love them !!
  8. love them
  9. I love 'em! :drool:
    I have to get those too.
  10. Beautiful-enjoy them...
  11. Those look so good on you.
  12. gorgeous!
  13. cute!! I have them too but dainty12 is right, they're kind of hard to get off. :shrugs:
  14. Congrats! I got a same style of earrings in Pink crystal and love it!
  15. Very pretty!