My new Chanel Cuff and scarf :)

  1. Went to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo's that I have been saving up for and obsessing over. Instead I walked out with a fierce cuff and a fun scarf. The shoes can wait. :amuse:
  2. Very nice!!! Would love to see pics of your "fierce cuff":P on your wrist.:biggrin:
  3. Very pretty!
  4. Soo cute!!! :biggrin:
  5. here is a pic of my fierce Chanel cuff on :P
  6. i lvoe it all!
  7. Ooh, I LOVE the cuff! May I ask how much?
  8. sure, it was a cool $600 and change.
  9. Thank you. I just love it. Of course, I love a lot of the Chanel costume jewelry.:love:
  10. Thanks Smoothoprter its my first piece of costume jewelry from Chanel and my first Chanel scarf. Up until today I had only purchased my J12 watch and a few pairs of shoes from Chanel. This could be dangerous cuz I am intense when it comes to Rockstar gear! lmao!!! ;)
  11. ooh pretty! congrats!
  12. If I can ask how much was the scarf? Its fabulous! That cuff is beyond nice!
  13. The scarf was a not so bad $180 and change. :P THanks for the compliments.
  14. I think that is the prettiest scarf I have seen. How beautiful.
  15. I love cuffs. Good choice.
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