My new Chanel Cerf Tote!!

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  1. My sweet husband bought me a Chanel Cert tote in Caviar Calfskin Beige today. Before we went to our anniversay dinner, he took me 5th ave. We went into Saks Fifth and picked out the tote for me which he thought was very classy and understated. I'm in love! The SA said that there will be a price increase very soon. The size is perfect! It has a removable shouder strap, so you can wear the bag with or w/out the strap. (You can actually wear it over the shoulder w/the regular handles as long as you don't have a coat on and the shoulder straps can be worn cross-shoulderwise as well!) It's pretty expandable and has a lot of compartments. The inside accessory pouch portion can be fixed w/the side buttons, or removed in order to have one large space in middle of the bag. It will be very easy to take care of since it's caviar. They also had the black one and it was hard to decide. I think eventually, I'd want the black one some time next year. :love: I'm so excited to share my gift w/you guys!

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  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats ... the bag is beautiful and timeless. That design will never go out of style.
  4. Cute, its very classy :biggrin:
  5. I love the style. Does it come in smaller size? I am very interested.
  6. Oh wow! I really like that. Can I ask the price? It's a classic style!
  7. Oh and..Happy Anniversary!
  8. I think I've read on TFS about there being a smaller version, but only in the style w/a different clasp, not the CC logo clasp in the front (mademoiselles clasp? not too sure what that clasp looks like though).
  9. Yes! The SA said it's a classic style that will always be around. It was $1850 before tax, but they expect a price increase soon. I think they had raised it before around 2005 from $1650 to $1850. And now they plan to raise it again! UGH..all these price increases are making me sad.

    Thanks for the congrats and your comments! :love:
  10. Wow, gorgeous bag! Lovely colour. Congrats! And congrats on your anniversary too:smile:)
  11. Ahh bella! your husband knows you well by picking up this chanel for you or bringing you to the chanel store with you!! Happy Anniversary and congrats for a beautiful chanel bag! It's a very classy bag! Enjoy it well!
  12. omg how gorgeous! what a darling husband!
  13. Really lovely bag!!
  14. Happy Anniversary and happy new bag! I looove the Cerf! Someday I hope to be forturnate enough to own one. Yours is absolutely gorgeous! Lucky girl!
  15. Nice and sophisticated, pretty color.