my new chanel CAMELLIA SUNGLASSES -- the latest style

  1. i went sunglass happy within the last 30 days. just purchased these at Saks in addition to a pair of fendi B sunglasses (check the fendi threads). they were $375 and also come in white with black flowers or brown with black flowers.

  2. I LOVE those!!!!! {and the Fendi ones!}
    Does your hair get caught on the flowers?
    I want those so bad, but I have a ton of long hair and I can only imagine. . . .
  3. Oh, can you please post those in the Accessories thread in the Reference Library?
  4. hi swanky! nope, haven't had any hair problems yet! hehe i have long hair too....
  5. oh ok! was i not suppose to post them here?? sorry. still unsure of all the rules.... :confused1:
  6. ^ No , i don't think she was saying that ! I thibk she just wants you to post them in the accessories thread AS WELL . Thay are very cute , I saw them at Saks the other day !
  7. Yes, you can post them here, absolutely! Just wanted to get them into the Accessories thread for future reference, easier when everything all in one spot, ya know!?
    Good to know they're not getting caught in your hair. . . I may have to get these!
  8. very cute!! i've been contemplating getting these...!

    are they very curved in the front (where the glasses rest on the bridge of the nose)?? -that's a BIG problem i have w/ chanel glasses!! there's sooo many styles i love, but i am an asian girl who was not blessed with a very big bridge on my nose! (so there is usually a BIG gap of space between the glasses and my nose, lol)
  9. oh wow!! these are so cute! i'll have to try them on next time i go shopping!!
  10. love them, they are TDF! congrats! :biggrin:
  11. I love your new sunnies!!! They are gorgeous!!!
  12. :drool: Oh please, do you have the style number for those? Congrats! I love them.
  13. ok. thanks for the clarification. wasn't sure. hehe

    as for the hair thing, i try to pull my hair back or else u can't even see the cute flowers on sides.

    thanks to everyone else on the kind remarks. they are quite adorable!! u should all at least go try them on at the store!!!
  14. hi janny. i'm asian too. i don't seem to have that problem with these glasses. i'm looking at the glasses right now and the "bridge" is slightly curved. i suggest u try them on just to make sure!!
  15. thanks molls. the style # is c501/87