My new Chanel Cambon long wallet, should i keep it?

  1. Hey girls!

    I need some honest opinions...

    I got the Cambon long wallet today (as opposed to the compact.) I'm scared its a bit too big. It doesn't look that big in the picture but it measures approximately 4¼" x 7¼".

    The compact is just about half the size.

    I personally don't like small wallets that get too bulky when you have too much stuff, but the long may be a bit big for my style.

    The difference between the 2 is $10 so I can't decide based on price either.

    Here are some pictures, what do you girls think?


  2. Oooh. I like that wallet!! i like the longer one but probably because I prefer the longer wallets for myself.
  3. I say...keep it! I've always liked compact wallets in the past, but I'm actually looking for a long one too now. ANd I love that pinkish color!
  4. long one!
  5. I do love long wallets because it fits alot but not much of cambon line fan.
  6. i love longer wallets.. cuz it can be a clutch too :smile:
  7. That was the first thing I thought of that it looked like a small small clutch.
  8. I think it is lovely. I personally like smaller wallets however bc I normally carry smaller bags. But if you have the room to carry it then awesome! Plus they are much easier to organize!
  9. I personally thinks it looks fabulous!!!
  10. wow. the wallet is georgeous. keep it!
  11. the long wallet is fab! do keep it!
  12. Another vote for keep here :love:
  13. Keeper
  14. keep it
  15. love it! keep it! the pink is gorgeous!
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