My new Chanel and the perfect spy bag!!!

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  1. Hi bag lovers,

    I just got back from the Galleria to pick up my new Spy Bag. I don't know if you remember my post last time about the problem I have with the spy's handle? Well, the SA just got 4 new spy bags directly from the factory in Italy and got the perfect one for me. Sooo I am a happy camper now!! :love: :love: . And I saw the white colour spy too...OMG I love the white colour in the spy!!:love: :love: . I wanted one but I know I have other plan so I can have another spy for now.

    And....I told you that I am in love with Star's reissue Chanel the grey one?? Well, I visited the Chanel boutique last week and asked the SA if they have the grey color one? Well, they didn't have one but she found one from Chanel boutique Chicago, so she arranged that bag to be delivered to my house and they did! And I got it!!! It is sooo gorgeous bag!! I looove it! and thing I like most about this reissue chanel is like Star said you can dress it up and down! It is classic, elegant and timeless. I loooove this bag so much!!:love: :love: :love: . The colour is so gorgeous.
    And guys..I am sorry to tell you this as I talked to my SA today, there are only two bags being available in this country! :sad: and after that no more!! :sad: . So good hunting for those who are looking or planning to buy one!! You better hurry! :nuts:.

    Guys, enjoy these pictures I took especially I take for you to look at and I know you will love it!
    I have problem with the attachment..ooohh. I will try it again in a few minutes.
  2. congrats!!

    do you have any pics?
  3. Congratulations! I'm so envious of your Chanel find!!!!
  4. Enjoy..

    Chanel 02.JPG

    Chanel 03.JPG


    Chanel 06.JPG

    Spy bag.JPG
  5. Lovely!!!!
  6. Thanks guys! The Chanel bag, I think it's worth it since I always think again and not buying each time I wanted to buy the chanel bag (the 2.55) just because I know I wouldn't wear it often due to the more dressy look kind of..but this reissue was just perfect for me:love: . I like it because it looks more casual looking but still classy.
  7. ahh both are gorgeous Sweetea, congrats!!!

    I'm so glad you finally got your perfect spy now and I'm glad things worked out with the Chanel
  8. The Chanel is gorgeous !! Sorry if you've answered this already, but what size is it ?
  9. The size is what they called jumbo? I called it large though. I haven't seen the medium one but I saw the small size at NM so it must be large then. The SA from NM called it jumbo size.
  10. Fabulous! Love that Chanel....soooo jealous!!!!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. wow both are just gorgeous!

    ack only 2 left in the country? there goes my dream bag :cry:
  13. Thanks guys! I am thinking about Noriko with her spy and wonder if she got her spy back with the perfect condition? is the lastest update with the problem of your spy?
  14. Mariah, are you thinking of buying the reissue one? what size are planning to buy? The two left in the country is for the large or jumbo size. I didn't ask for medium and small so hopefully..there are still more of those..try to call them..
  15. i like the reissue a lot more than the regular one. i want the medium or the large but i guess i would even get the small if that was all that was available. thanks for the info!