my new chanel accessory..what a deal!

  1. Ok--being the self proclaimed queen of chanel deals, I bought this cute little guy for a mere $120 and some change @ Neiman Marcus. I dont have an ipod, but my treo 680 PDA cell phone fits, so ta-da! I have a new phone cover. I love how muted the color is and since it was originally $300, I couldnt not not buy it :roflmfao: [sigh!]


  2. one more..

  3. It seems to suit a PDA more than an ipod anyway. Great find!!
  4. Ohhhh, I love it!! Great deal too! :yes: I want this in brown/brown patent for my mini reporter (who has seen the light of day in soo long haha)! :p
  5. What a great deal! I need deals like that to keep my chanel addiction from making me even more broke!
  6. WOW, that's such a good deal!
  7. Wow! Was that on sale or full price?
  8. wow!! that is an absolutely GREAT deal! congrats!!
  9. original price was $300+
  10. Wow, that's lovely!! I'd love to dress my iPod up in Chanel lol :biggrin:
  11. congrats!!
  12. its lovely :biggrin:D!! love the colour!
  13. What a deal!
  14. That is a great deal. I love it!!!
  15. cute! and such a great price too!