My New Chanel Accessories!

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  1. Here are my latest additions. My Chanel book and pearls. The book was meant to use on my coffee table, but it is HUGE!!!!


  2. Beautiful. Were these the one's from Nordstrom?
  3. OOOOOOOOH! I LOVE those pearls! so pretty !!!!!CONGRATS!
  4. Gorgeous! Your pearls are Beautiful!
  5. No, those were the ones I pm'd you about....Nordstrom didn't have them, although they are suppose to get them again eventually....
  6. Well it's just gorgeous. I've been calling all over the US for Chanel pearls (as you know) and so you are very lucky to have gotten the one's you wanted.:yahoo:
  7. you too can have them :graucho: if you want to pay over retail like I did. :crybaby: I was really hoping my SA would have found them, but no such luck! I am really happy with them though...

    I can not wait to see pics of your new pearls!!!! are you still going to get the black and white ones?
  8. woah!! that book looks bigger than my textbooks! it must be full of beautiful pictures :love:

    and those pearls are gorgeous!!!! i saw a girl trying them on in the boutique and :drool: i bet it looks fab on you!!
  9. Mon, did you get the pearls in imgg's post on Chanel Shopping or the ones she posted in this thread? They look different? I want the ones from the Shopping thread. Think I will call my S/A In Las Vegas tomorrow and see if he has them. Both pair are gorgeous!!!!:love: :heart: :love:
  10. Peny, the pearls are gorgeous....were they worn by Ann Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, i wonder? they look like one of the chanel neckaces she wore in the movie.. she may have layered it with another necklace

    i love them!
  11. yes, that book could knock someone out... seriously! oh I haven't even had a chance to look inside yet.....I'll let you know if it has pretty pics!

    Thank you, the pearls are so pretty on and they go with just about everything! you should have bought them, I bet they would look great on you!

    do you mind if I ask where you are going to school?
  12. I hope I can get them. I am not sure if these were in Prada, AH's character wore a lot of layered necklaces/belts. My favorite look from TDWP was AHs outfit with the fantasy tweed new boys cap and the layered Chanel necklaces/belts --- would have loved to had the necklace in that outfit. It had the Eiffel Tower and taxis and buses etc...
  13. Penny, if you can't find them through your SA give Federick a call at Seattle Nordies....he has one left that he was holding for me, but I decided to keep he ones I just bought instead....
  14. lovvvvvvvvve those pearls

    cute kitty :smile:
  15. Thank you everyone! :love:

    Here's a pic of them can also wear them doubled up...