my new Chanel accessories

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  1. Hey there, just want to share what I got today at Chanel's in Singapore. Matching earrings & ring (the ring is HUGE and i love it!) and a simple CC necklace, u cant really tell from the photo, but it has some glitter inside the logo....

    When i was browsing the accessories, a lady came up to me and introduced herself as the chanel's marketing manager and would like to do some interviews, since i was not in a rush, i thought why not.....however it actually took about 15 mins to complete the whole questionnaires and i was starting to get impatient, i was in the middle of browsing some pretty brooches too and couldnt really concentrate on her cut the story short, after the interview ended....i was given a "surprise package" as a thank you was a lipstick & precision regenerating cream! woah, totally unexpected.....

    it was indeed a lucky day for me to score all these babies :smile: thanks for reading...
  2. I love that necklace! Great accessories, and cool score with the lipstick and the cream!
  3. I love 'em , especially the necklace! :heart:
  4. Wow, that ring is huge! Very pretty choices, enjoy them!
  5. nice accessories - love the necklace. you're so lucky to score a surprise package as a thank u gift =) congrats
  6. the earrings are so beautiful, and nice surprise gift
  7. oooh...those are sooo nice! i love sparkly things..hee hee
    congrats on the "surprise" as well!
  8. :woohoo: CONGRATS~ They are beautiful!!! I love the necklace :heart:
  9. OMG, i LOVE em... esp the plain CC necklace
  10. Pretty, congrats!!
  11. They're fantastic! Love all your little gems.:heart:
  12. congrats they're beautiful!
  13. I love the unique!!!:tup:
  14. Congrats- the earrings are very pretty
  15. thank u all for ur kind words :smile: seems like lots of ppl prefer the necklace than the u think it'd be a bit much if i wear all 3 together? :rolleyes: