My New Chameleon!!!

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  1. So after doing all my research and reading everyone's reviews, I finally decided to order a chameleon insert. I'm sad to admit I'm one of those girls who can never find what she's looking for and ends up pulling everything out of the bag (and isn't whatever you're looking for always the LAST thing you pull out???:confused1:).

    Well I ordered my chameleon at the beginning of the week. As soon as I did I decided to check the dimensions on more time. So I sent Kathy a last minute email and asked if I could go down from the medium extra sturdy to the small. And I called it a pursesket (I know! How embarrassing! :sad:) But thank goodness she wasn't offended and graciously changed my order.

    My chameleon was sitting in my mailbox when I got home from work. I raced upstairs and put all my things in!!! I LOVE it!!! I'm so glad I went down a size because the small is perfect. :tup: I practiced switching it out with my speedy 25 and another purse. It's great. Eventually I'll probably get another one when I'm ready for a color switch but I think the chameleon is a must have for any bag lover who switches often. Ok enough rambling...

    Without further adieu,:yahoo: my new chameleon (also featured in a Dooney & Bourke Giraffe Small Sac :graucho:)
    Chameleon.jpg Chameleon2.jpg ChamDooney.jpg ChameleonDooney.jpg
  2. Looks great.....Very organized !!

    Tell me, what do you find is the biggest difference between this and a purseket? Why did you choose this over the purseket?
  3. Oooh, I do like it! But for a serious moment... I opened the thread thinking that you had gotten a pet chameleon! Hah! :roflmfao: Anyway, love it in your D&B though.
  4. The biggest difference is the Chameleon has a 'bottom' to it, keeping things from touching the interior of your bag.

    The purseket has no bottom, it is merely a ring of pockets.
  5. Do you carry your makeup in a separate bag? or in the chameleon?
  6. travelbliss, I chose the chameleon for the exact reason mentioned by ladysalesrep195. It's got a bottom and in my opinion it's more structured, as opposed to just a long ring of pockets.

    dusty paws, LMAO!!! Sorry, my thread mislead you! Thanks for the complement...I love my Dooney Giraffe!

    missmary, right now I have my compact in the big pocket and my lip glosses in the smaller ones. That's really all I wear...but if I was carrying a larger purse, I might put all my makeup in another pouch...but don't really find that it's necessary.
  7. I just got a new Chameleon last weekend, and it's working great for me. This is the Medium size in hot pink -- and it sure is bright, but I don't have any trouble finding my stuff. Now I get to use a lipstick I'd forgotten I had, because it was buried in the bottom of my makeup bag. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. pixiechic I love your purple bag! What is it?
  9. Love it! Love the chameleon, love the bag!!!
  10. Great buy! I also just bought a chameleon (large, actually) and LOVE it in my LV Neverfull, and will use it in my Speedy and other bags!
  11. I bought a large, red one but I am loving that pink! I may have to get another in a different size!:p
  12. I bought a large dark brown and it blends in nicely with the interior of my LV batignolles! At least it won't snap in half like the way my purseket did!
  13. Thanks for the pics. I've been contemplating getting one for so long and may just have to go ahead and order. I just can't decide which size to get!
  14. pixiechic, isn't it great? cool color too? and is that a gorgeous purple balenciaga i see???
  15. Oh no, I think my threat was infultrated by someone pushing counterfeits! Mod's help!