My new Chaise needs repair?

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  1. I got this about a month ago. And only used twice, carefully. Yet the piping is wearing already. Is that normal for this type of leather?

  2. Unless you accidentally brushed up against something, I’d say no. You should take it to a store.
  3. I only wore it to church and it sat on my lap. That's really disapppointing.
  4. I would definitely take it back.
  5. First of all, It's very tiny mark. second, the scratch isn't deep It should be gone if use some leather lotion to rob the leather.
    I wouldn't even mind these size of marks on my own bag, but it's up to you.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I kept the bag & wore it again. I was very delicate. But it has several more scratches now. It's mild but will probably look worse after more use. Coach moisturizer did not help.
  7. Ugh, that's so disappointing! If it was me I'd take it back.
  8. I was able to return it. Maybe I will try it in pebbled leather. I hope there will be new spring colors.

  9. That is great! I just saw the red one at my Coach store,I love it.I’m probably going to get the brown or red one in a few months.You’ll have to post pics of your new Chaise.
  10. Couchette, I hope you get it & love it. I ordered beechwood with this mixed tea rose charm.

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