My New Cervo!

  1. butterfly36029 - miu miu has really turned me onto gold hardware. A year ago I would have refused to make a purchase without silver hardware, but I really like how they do it - it doesn't look cheap.
  2. agree, it doesn't look cheap at all, half of my miu miu collection is with gold hardware...but I go crazy every time i see miu miu with silver hardware, last year I bought 3 miu miu's all wiht silver hw
  3. I wish I lived in an area where they have a boutique. Currently I have to get them all shipped to me from an SA. They're amazing, but one day I would love to go into a miu miu store for a purchase.
  4. It's so cute! Congrats!
  5. Nice
  6. Hi! Saw this bag and I think I am in love. How has it held up?
  7. Hello!!

    Great! It's still in great condition. The lambskin is still incredibly soft. FYI, there have been some complaints about dark jeans transferring colour onto light leather like this grey, but I wear them with jeans all the time, and no problems here!

    Highly recommend!!
  8. Thank you so much!! I actually love the black one and this tan one.. Here are the two I am looking at.
    image-3113596471.jpg image-4150533624.jpg
  9. I also have a small Cervo. There is nothing like it. That deerskin is absolutely amazing. I have mine in black, but I love the tan one. That definitely gets my vote!
  10. thanks for the reviews! so the deerskin has held up well? im contemplating the black satchel but have heard some bad things about deerskin leather being too delicate!
  11. Yeah it's been great. I haven't been taken it easy on it either. I've taken it on several vacations and it's just as awesome as ever. It's super tough.